Timna Fun & Action Days

A crazy and extreme activity awaits you near the majestic Solomon’s Pillars!
A huge OUTDOOR activity park, offering desert action that includes survival missions in ancient Egyptian style.
The complex is separate from other Park sites ensuring groups enjoy a private activity.  Pharaohs Chariot Race, Hieroglyphics Climbing, Ancient Puzzles, Spear Shooting and dedicated workshops on a variety of topics, as well as challenging ziplines and abseiling from the complex’s cliffs, are a unique way to enjoy social corporate events. 
Additionally, group members can enjoy a shaded chill out zone equipped with mats, mattresses, cushions, rugs, low tables, stools and dice games.
A DJ and a refreshment area with snacks and cold drinks can be pre-booked.
Timna Action complex is not open on a regular basis and requires prior arrangement.