How to Explore Timna Park 

Timna Park is one of the largest parks in Israel and covers an approximate 70,000 dunams (larger than the city of Tel Aviv!). The Park has several Visitor Centers located near the main sites (Solomon's Pillars, the Arches, Mushroom, Chariots and more). Visitors can embark on several hiking tours from each center, offering a variety of trails such as easy trails  suitable for the whole family to challenging trails for hiking addicts. Therefore, it is recommended to explore the park by car (on the marked roads), and easily reach the main sites and from there take a tour on foot. 

Cycling is also a fun way to explore the Park. 
Bicycle Rentals
At Timna Park, mountain and electric bicycles can be rented.
Mountain bicycles must be used to ride the Singles tracks. 
Bicycle rental entails a fee and is possible during Park opening hours only.
It is not possible to rent a bicycle during hot summer days, and before dusk.