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General Information
Timna Park is considered one of the largest parks in Israel! The Park spreads out over an approximate area of ​​70,000 dunams (larger than Tel Aviv!) and is home to unique and spectacular geological formations and scenic archeological sites. 
At the Park’s entrance, located approximately 3.5 km from Elifaz junction on Route 90, visitors can explore the Park’s spacious and innovative Visitor Center, learn interesting facts about the archeological story, and in particular about ancient copper production methods once carried out in Timna. The Bronze Revolution took place concurrently in several places in the world, one of the main locations was Timna! A rich and fascinating world.
The Park offers various hiking trails, ‘Singles’ cycle tracks (suitable for several levels of expertise) and even unique climbing and bouldering trails on the local sandstone (for professional climbers who come with personal equipment), making the Park a MUST visit for all nature and desert lovers.
Feel free to contact the Park Rangers at the Visitor Center, who will gladly assist, recommend, and tailor activities to suit you during your visit (routes for families, challenging routes, etc.). It is very important to visit the Ranger’s Station to receive full details and important information.

Park Accommodation 
Timna Park's accommodation site is primely located near the lake, a desert oasis promising you an unforgettable stay in the desert.
The Park offers a variety of accommodation options at various prices to accommodate any type of budget. Accommodation options include Camping, Desert Khan, Glamping, Caravans and Guest Rooms (you can even visit with your own private caravan).

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Eating Options 
Park Timna Restaurant serves delicious and varied meals until 16:00. If you are planning to stay at the Park, it is recommended that you stock up on food and basic groceries in advance.
Grocery stores in close proximity:
South of the Park - the city of Eilat
North of the Park - Yotvata Inn, Moshav Ein Yahav or Mitzpe Ramon